dijous, 13 de març del 2008


Material de campanya de la iSociety, moda Geek per a l'i5 ;-)
System Army
Peace to All Systems
Slave to the System
iSociety Unity
iSociety Workers
iSociety Torch
I Want Truth
iSociety Logo (red i)
iSociety Logo
iSociety (text)
i want an i (red i)
i want an i (black)
i heart i (red i)
i heart i (black)
an unrhymed alliterative verse form of
System i origin having three phrases
(stanzas) containing an "i want / i don't
want" phrase, "i want control", and "i
want an i" respectively; see haiku
i dig drags
ban ctrl alt del
ban complexity
ban stress
ban overnights
ban patch Tuesdays
ban server room sleepovers